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LeRoy Bennett

Paul McCartney Out There Tour 2013

“My conception of design initiates from a deep understanding and inspiration of each project. The approach on design concepts has always come from a study and sympathy to the past history, present and future of the individuality of every project.

The innovative use of available resources, as well as creating new elements tailored for a project makes each design unique. I strive to create an emotion that is abstract but moving to those experiencing it.

We all experience the same moments at the same time differently from that of the next individual. It’s common thread of emotion and space that stimulates and moves those individuals to feel and experience something in tune but still discreet. It’s through these directions and theories that my creative approach is driven.”

– Leroy Bennett

SEVEN DESIGN WORKS LLC. is the foundry of creative design icon LeRoy Bennett and independent designers, programmers and media consultants who together utilize their limitless imagination and inexhaustible commitment to deliver unforgettable stage moments for live concert tours, stadium shows, and special events for film and television. With diverse talents and a combined 50 years of experience, SDW specialize in making each artist’s vision become reality.

Seven Design Works is a group of like-minded designers, programmers and media consultants brought together to a create a vast variety of concepts and designs for all levels of artists and their massive client list already includes Paul McCartney, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Nine Inch Nails, Mayday, Rammstein, Bruno Mars, Keith Urban, Big Bang, The Weeknd, Miguel, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

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